Online E-Puja

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja / Puja for Removing Bad Effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosha

Kamdeva Yajna & Puja / Puja for sexual strength of Sex Lord Kaama Dev

Kashta & Dukh Nivaran Puja

Kundli Milaan Gun Dosh Nivaran Puja

Laxmi Kuber Puja / Puja for Money Gods Laxmi & Kuber

Maanglik Dosh Nivaran Puja / Puja for Bad Effects of Mar’s Marriage Hurdle

Mahamrityunje Sampoorna Maha Puja (Complete 1,25,000 Jaap)

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja / Puja for Removing ill Effects of MARS

Marnoprant Aatm / Atma Shanti Puja

Naadi Dosh Nivaran Puja / Puja for Removing Effects of Nadi Dosh

Puja for Conceiving a Child / Getting Pregnant

Puja for fulfillment of wishes

Puja for Good Fortune & Luck

Puja for happy married life & family life

Puja for Overcoming hindrances in Life

Puja for Peace of Mind

Puja for Protection Against Accidents

Puja for Regaining Health, Vigor & Disease Healing

Puja for Success in Business/ Success/ Job / Service

Puja for Success in Exams

Puja for Winning Litigation / Legal Hurdles / Court Case

PUTRA (Beta) Santaan Gopal Puja / Puja for Giving Birth to a MALE Child

Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja / Puja for Removing ill Effects of RAHU

Shani Dhaaya Dosh Nivaran Puja / Saturn 2.5 Years Dosh Puja

Shani Sade Satti Dosh Nivaran Puja / Saturn 7.5 Years Dosh Puja

Shukra Dosh Nivaran Puja / Puja for Removing ill Effects of VENUS

Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja / Puja for Removing ill Effects of SUN

Udhaar Rinn Nivaran Puja / Puja for Relief from Debts

Yoni Dosh Nivaran Puja

In Indian Tradition, puja is considered to be an eternal part of Indian Tradition & Culture. We follow and worship the most authentic customs and rituals of Hinduism.

We started this concept of e-puja or online puja, especially for those who live abroad and for Non Resident Indians, in our endeavor to help them connect with our important indian traditions by helping them get maximum benefits through it, whatever the purpose and occasion may be. Thanks to the dawn of the new advancements in astrology, where provides new and innovative ways to give benefits of these various pujas to distant / overseas clients, who don’t have access to places where it can be done. To reap benefits out of these puja rituals, we provide special packages which are easily deliverable worldwide, easy to apply and use. We conduct specified pujas, create all the necessary samagri and yantras and send the whole kit to you, which is activated, energized, shuddhi and pran-pratishthit specifically for you only. Every kit contains a small note of instructions which provides an easy way to apply and use the already activated puja samagri. Applying it is very simple that even a child can understand and do it.

You just have to specify your requirements for the type of puja you wish to go for and leave the rest to us. We provide complete end-to-end e-puja and online puja solutions and services to our clients at your doorsteps. And in case if you are confused or not sure which type of puja you want to conduct as per your issues and problems, we will make you connect with one of our astrologers / pundit ji, who are professionally qualified and experts in the field of vedic sstrology and karma-kaand vidhies. All our astrologers are highly proficient and knowledgeable in the specific type of pujas that has to be conducted.

Puja is an act of displaying adoration to god through rituals and invocations. An important aspect of Puja is to make a divine relationship with the utmost being and help people to bring in positivity, improve confidence and attract health, wealth and prosperity. Pujas have many fold benefits as they clean negative energies, provide relief from sufferings and provide support during difficult times. Pujas are performed at homes and at temples but wherever the Pujas are to be conducted, they should always be conducted in a vedic way. All these Pujas are conducted by using services of our team of karm-kand pandits using satvik & vedic astrology and its various methods, which includes various rituals, mantra chanting, homas, yagnas etc. At RUDRAVEDA, we ensure that our learned astrologers will perform your Puja as per our age old indian vedic traditions, believes and with proper vidhi vidhaan, as recommended by our vedas.