1 Mukhi Gol Dana Nepali Indonesia Rudraksha 1 Mukhi Java Savar How to Use Wear Sizes Guidelines, Fake Rudraksha, Genuine Ek Mukhi, How to identify Fake Ekmukhi

Is Eka mukhi allowed to wear on body?
Yes, it is allowed, but remember that Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is directly Lord Shiva himself (Sakshat Shiva swarupa). So you have to be carefull and sometimes alert to handle this much power.

Myths about wearing Rudrakshas?
All Rudraksha and Ek Mukhi Gole Dana is allowed to wear while taking alcohol, while participating in sex, and in menstrual period or while taking bath. Children under 4 years should not wear Ek Mukhi until and unless it is prescribed, activated and energised properly by a professional astrologer or rudraksha therapist for specific purposes only. BUT 1 MUKHI GOL DANA can be worn by even Children right from their BIRTH. Anybody can wear EK MUKHI GOLE DANA without any prescription and knowledge. The crux is that anybody can wear rudrakshas including ek mukhi gole dana as it has some powerful aura and magnetism of its own which cannot be neutralised with any of the human deeds or daily chores of life.

How to get benefits from Eka Mukhi Rudraksha?
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha passes the Power of Lord Shiva to the person wearing it. It burns all the Sins made by the person (brahma hatya dosha haram). It protects him from accidents (Akala Mrityu Haram). It gives a sudden rise in the career (Akasmat Dhana Prapti Dayakam). The person rules the world (Shiva Shakti Pradayakam). If he wishes he will attain Mukti (Shiva Sayujya Pradayakam).

Guidelines to find out Best Rudraksha?
The Best Rudraksha is always Ek mukhi. What about the quality differences? How to choose a Best Rudraksha from the same category? It is a must know info before purchasing a Rudraksha. Luckily, Puranas clearly told the characters of Best Rudraksha.

Its not at all true that big rudraksha are superior to small Rudraksha. Every Rudra has its own magnetism and taaseer, which cannot be defined by its size. Yes there is a small difference due to size but practically it is considered negligible.

Sizes of Rudraksha?
Big Rudraksha – It will be in the size of an Amla fruit (Dhatri phala) with a radius above 2 c.m. It gives both Materialistic and Spiritual wealth (Bhoga Moksha prada).

Medium sized Rudraksha – It will be in the size of Zizyphus fruit (Badari phala) with a radius between 1 to 2 c.m.

Small Rudraksha – It will be in the size of Chick pea (Chana) with a radius below 1 c.m. It gives Materialistic wealth.

There are some Rudrakshas with a radius of 4 c.m and above! They are very very rare. And they are not meant for normal people as they are the costliest. Great Spiritual leaders use them for the benefits of the world. Never mistake a Fake Rudraksha with them.

Strong Rudraksha are superior to Weak Rudraksha. Brittle Rudraksha are from Unriped fruits. They will lose grooves in few years. But that doesn’t mean that it has stopped working. By the usage, every rudra bead gets wear and tear and may loose its grooves size. This is acceptable. For best results, either change or replace rudrakshas within 4-5 years.


Beads from Rudraksha fruits which dry up on the tree itself are Best. Rudraksha fruits will grasp Solar power and Cosmic energy as they ripen. They gain Magnetic field as they dry up.

No Rudraksha bead has a Natural Central Hole in it. The holes are man made holes, used for putting a thread or holy dhaga between the rudra. The hole pointer on the rudra is just 0.01% approx.

Rudraksha beads which should not be used?
Uneven shaped Rudraksha and Rudraksha spoiled by Insects and fungi should never be used. They will have Negative Energy and bring Misfortune.

Nepal Rudraksha (From Himalayas) is the costliest. But it is totally a myth that they are the best. No one can compare the effects and benefits of natural rudra beads scientifically just on the basis of their Origin. It is a commercial statement that nepali rudrakshas are the best. They are bigger in size, which may have better rays and energy effects, which is understandable and acceptable. But that doesn’t make an Indonesian / Indian Origin Rudra as inferior.

What is a Genuine Rudraksha? How to identify Fake Rudrakshas. Why Fake Rudrakshas are created?
Nobody will create Fake Panch mukhi Rudraksha, because, they are available ample in the Nature. But, Ek Mukhi Rudraksh, Gauri shankar Rudraksha, Trijuti Rudraksha, and some Rare Rudrakshas are limited. They are not available up to the demand. This leads to creation of Fake Rudrakshas.

What is a Genuine Rudraksha?
It must be a Rudraksha. Not Bhadraksha or some other. No alterations should be done to prove it as a different Rudraksha. No art-work should be done.

Genuine Ek Mukhi?
Availability of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is very limited. Best Ek mukhi is Round shaped with a single line on it. It is not at all available commercially. But, rudraksha traders sell half-moon shaped Ek Mukhi instead of Round or Gole 1 Mukhi. They generally be found saying that ek mukhi round rudraksha does not exist, which is wrong. Very few professional sellers deal in real Ek Mukhi Round or Siddha Bead.

How Fake Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is created?
By using glue to cover the lines of Two mukhi or Three mukhi.
By printing Shivling, Serpent, and Aum on Bhadraksha.
By using Zizyphus (Badari) seeds.
By using  Dalbergia (Simshupa) and Chestnut wood.
By using Lac or some Synthetic material to create it artificially!

How to Identify Fake Ekmukhi?
Your experience would be the best bet. Or you can buy from any authentic seller known for these rare rudrakshas. He will never cheat as he will be more concerned about his reputation for being known for these rare products. X-ray can also be done. It shows the ingredients and confirms that it is a natural rudra bead.

Other Fake Rudraksha?
Gauri Shankar Rudraksha – Two Rudrakshas are joined artificially to create it. Normally Gauri shankar is made up of two Panch mukhi Rudrakshas.

Trijuti Rudraksha?
We can’t find many Trijuti Rudrakshas in the Nature. These are also generally formed out of Panch mukhis. But others are also present. Fakes are created by pasting 3 rudrakshas with glue, which can easily be identified by naked eye. Rare Rudrakshas above 14 faces are also present. But, purchase only from Genuine Sellers known for these rare products worldwide.

How Ek Mukhi Rudraksha mala is created? Is it made up of all Ek Mukhi Rudrakshas or One Ek Mukhi joined with a set of Panch Mukhi Rudrakshas? What is the use of it?
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Mala
Yes. There are many styles in making a Mala with Ek Mukhi Rudraksha. But, all are Specific. Each Mala has it’s own benefits. And used in different conditions.

Normal Ek Mukhi Rudraksh Mala
One Ek mukhi is placed at the center of a Panch mukhi Rudraksh Mala. Red cotton thread is the best one to prepare this Mala. Next preference goes to Silver. We can also use Gold or Silk threads. It burns all Sins. It gives Success every where. It is mainly used as a Japamala. After Chanting, it is kept at Shivaling.

One Mukhi Rudraksh Raksha Mala
It is prepared with 27 Best quality Panch Mukhi Rudraksh and One Ek mukhi Rudraksh. Red thread is used. Ek mukhi is joined by using Naga Nandham (Ttread in the form of a Snake). It protects life. It protects from accidents (Akala Mrityu Haram). It should be used for Chanting and for wearing as well.

Ek Mukhi Mala with two 2 Mukhi
It is called Gauri shankara hasta Mala. Here only three Rudraksha are used. It gives enormous energy. It is useful for success in Competitions and Elections.

Ek Mukhi Deva Jyothi Raksha Kavach
It is actually not a Mala. One Gauri Shankar Rudraksh and One Ek muki Rudraksh are placed one by one and joined by Red thread. It is tied to the wrist while Chanting Shiva Kavach, Mrityunjaya Kavach and Rudraksha Kavach. After that you can wear it. It protects Family from evil powers. Lord Shiva and Parvathi blesses them.

All Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Mala!
Is it possible? Why not? Ek mukhi are rare. I accept, but not extremely rare. Big merchants can make this Ek mukhi Mala possible. How much it costs? The Cost may be in Lakhs of Rupees. Will it give Super Natural Powers? Yes. The possesser of this complete 1 Mukhi Mala can achieve unachievable things and can rule the world. Sometimes the powers can become unbearable and can be used for wrong deeds. Be carefull!

Ek Mukhi with Diamonds
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is very precious. Sometimes Ornaments are created and Diamonds are also studded in those Ornaments. Puranas and Tantras have no objection for this.

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