Legal Policy

All the disparities or disputes occurring apart from the terms and conditions mentioned will be entertained as per IPC Act, India and Indian Law. All disputes are strictly subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only. Law of any other country apart from INDIA will not be applicable and entertained whether the goods and services are delivered within or outside India. This Legal Notice bounds everybody as a buyer/client/user/member/subscriber irrespective of his/her caste, creed, sex, age, profession, taste, believes traditions or country of residence.

All the products, services, website content and astrological advices are purely based on our Indian Mythology, Astrology and Vedas. These opinions are merely considered as professional astrological views and solutions. We are not at all responsible for the results of any our products and services. These remedial measures should be applied and considered at your own risk only. All claims made related to any of the products mentioned on our website will become void and null with immediate effect.

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