2 Mukhi Nepali 7.70 ct Two Facet Rudraksha Organic & Natural




Organic & Natural Beads
100% Authentic Rudrakshas
All Certified Rudraksha Beads
Energized, Activated & Charged
Sarvaarthasiddhi & Shuddhi Done
Proper Packing as Per EU Norms
Intructions & Guidance on How to Wear

Characterstics & Features of Two Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Used to activate moon
  • Heal mood swings
  • Heals short temperness
  • Good for cheerful notes
  • Balances your responses
  • Balances the water level
  • Neutralizing negativity
  • Neutralizing bad influences
  • Heals relationship with mother
  • Heals diseases related to left eye, intestines,kidney etc.