7 Mukhi Rudraksha 8.35 ct Nepal Seven Facet Rudraksha Organic & Natural




7 Mukhi Rudraksha Seven Facet Rudraksha Organic & Natural


  • Organic & Natural Beads
  • 100% Authentic Rudrakshas
  • All Certified Rudraksha Beads
  • Energized, Activated & Charged
  • Sarvaarthasiddhi & Shuddhi Done
  • Proper Packing as Per EU Norms
  • Intructions & Guidance on How to Wear
Characterstics & Features of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha
Seven facet (mukhi) Rudraksha is symbolizes to the Saptamatrika – Brahmani, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Maheshvari, Indrani, Varahi, Chamunda (Goddess of war, Children and Emancipation). it is very useful bead offering several powers to the wearer. Wearing Seven Face Rudrakshas bring success, name & fame and a highly vibrant personality. Those wearing Seven Face Rudraksha are usually found to be highly attractive in circle.
It also helps in attaining attracting power.
  • It is removes the malefic and bad effects of  Saturn.
  • It bestows on the wearer healht, wealth & prosperity.
  • It brings good luck & removes bad luck and misfortune.
  • It is best for those people who is involved in business and any kind of profession.
  • It is said by many people rudraksha helps in controlling pain caused by arthritis.