Combine Pitra Dosh Nivaran (at GAYA) & Shraadh MAHA Puja




Combine Pitra Dosh Nivaran (at GAYA) & Shraadh MAHA Puja

Pitra Dosha appears in the Kundali / Horoscope of a person. Its doshas are also taken into consideration when forefathers or ancestors have not attained peace due to lack of religious rituals at the time of their death or when they die unnatural death and did not get salvation or due to their negative deeds. All these karmas of forefathers makes a jaatak suffer from Pitra Doshas, which can lead to many hardships in life. Due to Pitra Dosh, one may face many severe issues like repetition of conceiving a girl child again and again, conceiving and pregnancy problems, miscarriages, lack of male child, death of males at home or family, repeated ailments diseases and sickness at home or in the family, huge business losses or loss of property, chronic diseases etc. Hence, Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja is recommended for happy and peaceful worldly life and for attainment of peace for the departed souls of one’s ancestors. It also gives relief, creates peace and harmony in your life, removes negativity, enhances overall growth, and removes frustration, unknown and illogical obstacles in life. It also gives security from the unknown and unpredicted reasons of trouble faced by the family or its members.

Shraadh Puja / Pitru Puja is supposed to be done by every person irrespective of caste, creed and culture as they are mandatory for everyone according to Ancient Vedic Texts. According to Brahma Purana, a person who performs Shraadh Karma with full aastha is thereby blessed with Health, Wealth and Happiness. It can benefit the whole family, if done by everybody’s name in the family. A person is indebted to his ancestors and can get free of those debts / pitra rin only by performing Shraadh Karma Puja during the Pitra Paksh / Shraadh Paksh. If any of his ancestors have not done these Shraadh Karmas on their part then these unfulfilled Karmas get converted into Doshas known as Pitra Doshas and it affects the entire family. It can lead to diseases, financial problems, losses, tensions, restlessness, progeny, childlessness, depression, negativity, obstructions, marital issues, delay in marriage etc.

Details & Description
We need any one of the following details to perform this Puja.
#1. Full Name
#2. Birth Details (if available)
#3. Photograph (if available)
#4. Current Address (if available)
If you don’t know you Date of Birth Details, then do let us know and we will perform this puja by your name also. If you have your complete birth details with your time-date-place of birth, then we can perform your puja including these details as well.
Time of Puja: Puja is performed in various auspicious yogas and nakshatras only.
All our Pujas are done with proper vidhi vidhaan & shastras including: 
#1. All the Puja Samagri needed to complete vidhi-anusaar pujas like navaidyamm, havan samagri, pushp, nariyal, beetle leaves, fal fruits, prasadam, shudh ghee etc.
#2. Daan Dakhshina to Purohits / Brahmins / Pandits
#3. Brahmin Bhoj given to all Purohits / Brahmins / Pandits
#4. Vastraa Daan given to all Purohits / Brahmins / Pandits
#5. Final Prasadum Including various things.
After Puja Sampann or Completion of Puja, you will be provided with:
#6. A Leaflet of Instructions with “How To Use” Text
#7. Free Packaging as per International & European Norms
#8. Free Shipping of all Prasadam and Samagri Worldwide
*** After Puja Sampann / Puja Samapti, a kit of certain things will be shipped to the you / client through FedEx / Aramex worldwide. This kit will be shipped along with a Set of Instructions on how to use it and get maximum Results out of this Puja. Its very easy to use. Even a 8 years old child can follow and do it.
We request you to provide us the following details for the Puja:
  • Your Wish / Sankulp for this Puja
  • Name of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed
  • Date of Birth of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed (not compulsory)
  • Time of Birth of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed (not compulsory)
  • Place of Birth of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed (not compulsory)
  • Current Address of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed (not compulsory)
  • Full Photograph or Passport Size Picture of the Jaatak / Client / User.
Basic Ethics We Follow While Performing Online Pujas:
We are a group of qualified vedic astrologers, purohits, brahmins, pandits and karm kaandis who perform satvik yagyas, homas and pujas for various purposes. All our vedic pandits are deeply spiritually connected people well versed with all vedas and puranas, satvik puja vidhis, karam kaand, etc. from more than 5 generations. We follow strict ancient guidelines as per our prescribed age old vedic literature. All these pujas performed by us are totally result oriented and precise as per the requirement.
We perform all the pujas at various religious places in India just to give maximum benefits to the jaatak. All the puja rituals will be strictly performed in various auspicious yogas and nakshatras only. Puja will start within next best available yogas and nakshatras only after the receipt of the full and complete payment, jaatak’s personal details and confirmation of the order.