Consultation for Remedies on Educational Disturbances of the Child (Code: AP11)



As per the age old vedic & modern remedial astrology, the client is provided with Precise Remedies & Solutions for Educational Disturbances of the Child . It will include the various types of remedies, upaye, right yogas and nakshatras to do that upaye with day, date and time slot, best time of the year which will give you some relief from this problem, which metal is to be used, best color & number to be used for that year for relief (as per astro numerology & astro color therapy), mantras to be enchanted, power remedy, Vastu Remedy for this problem & daan-punya-samarpan samagri with day-date-time of daan etc.

If you don’t have your Birth Details, you can still consult us for Remedies & Solutions of your problems.

Vedic Astrology is also popular as Indian Astrology and was known as Jyotisha in the previous time, it is the traditional hindu system of astrology. One can deliberate about your stars by knowing your date of birth and birth time. The predictions made according to this vedic astrology are said to be correct most of the time.