Detailed Career Report for Next 3 Years along with Multiple Remedies (Code: AP25) 



It includes best muhurats, yogas and nakshatras of the next 3 years in which time can favor you in relation to your Career, Job, Business etc. In these auspicious and favorable time slots, you can start a new venture, can plan for a job change, business expansions, apply for new jobs, request for salary hike / higher position and ranking, try to indulge in 2 professions or business simultaneously, expect better finances and earnings etc. You will also be provided with remedies and upaye, power remedy and daan-dakshina to improve your career graph for next 3 years.

If you don’t have your Birth Details, you can still consult us for Remedies & Solutions of your problems.

Vedic Astrology is also popular as Indian Astrology and was known as Jyotisha in the previous time, it is the traditional hindu system of astrology. One can deliberate about your stars by knowing your date of birth and birth time. The predictions made according to this vedic astrology are said to be correct most of the time.