Moon Rock (57.3 carat)



Organic & Natural
100% Authentic
Energized, Activated & Charged
Sarvaarthasiddhi & Shuddhi Done
Proper Packing as Per EU Norms
Intructions & Guidance on How to Wear


Characterstics & Features of Moon Rock

  • It is used to activate Moon / Chandra in your Horoscope
  • It controls mood swings
  • It helps in strengthening your relationships
  • It improves Digestion, Stomach related issues & strengthens your Metabolism
  • It controls Dehydration & balances Water level in body
  • It is good for Mother & Mother-In-Law
  • It is good for Daughter’s health& strengthens Mother-Daughter Relationship
  • It strengthens your Public Relationships, Family Relationships & Friendly Relationships
  • It is good for Name & Fame
  • It activates & energizes the North-West Direction of your house & rectifies its Vastu Dosh
  • It is good for Unmarried Girls& Young Couples
  • It helps in Marriage issues & rectify its problems like- Delay in Marriage, Re-marriage, etc.
  • It can be worn as Pendant, can be placed in North-West of your Home / Room, can be placed in any Drawer, under the Pillow, under the Bed, etc.