Triphane, 11.396rati (10.257ct), Triphane White | Trifane Gemstone | Trifane






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100% Authentic
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Triphane Gemstone is mostly a rare variety of gemstones recommended by astrologers for specific purposes as per the horoscope and kundalini. Which is anyhow most suggested. But there are general uses as well. Its fine cut transparent variety ranging from 3 carats to 16 carats is rare and used in rings and pendants for its healing, which anybody can wear. Its color spectrum ranges from white, milky white, dusty white, grey, light yellow, creamish, off-white and yellow shades. This is because it has very soothing effects and healing powers. Its uses and benefits are as follows:

Uses & Benefits of Triphane:

  • Completion of incomplete tasks
  • To complete new projects and tasks, to remain connected with them, to complete them and not to lose interest in it
  • Used to refresh energies as a cleansing crystal at homeoffice and at commercial places as well
  • Used to reduce clutter of mind, bad memories, negativity, bad thoughts etc
  • Used to get rid of negative and evil dreams, unwanted and horror dreams
  • Used to clear away uncertainty
  • Used to promote integrity and honesty
  • Used to clear off all types of bad aura and negative energy of a place where somebody has previously lived, used or left behind
  • Great for Vastu Correction and a great tool for Vedic Vastu Remedies
  • Used to create a shield and protection against all types unwanted and harmful energies
  • Creates an emotional space, heal emotional imbalances and makes you come out of bad experiences of life
  • It protects you against intentional control and manipulation by others, domination and bullying by others over you
  • It clears environmental smog
  • It deflects all types of microwaves and radiations around from the auric field

These gems are hand picked and precisely selected by astro-gemologists, free from any flaws with amazing luster, clarity, sheen, shine, play of light and pleochroism, which makes them highest quality A-Grade astro gems, precision cutting for max intake of light, color depth with pleasing shades. All these are Earth Mined Natural Gemstones directly sourced from Madagascar.