Yellow Flourspar / Florspar 9.094rati (8.185ct)




Yellow Flourspar / Florspar 


Organic & Natural
100% Authentic
Energized, Activated & Charged
Sarvaarthasiddhi & Shuddhi Done
Proper Packing as Per EU Norms
Intructions & Guidance on How to Wear

Uses & Benefits of Yellow Flourspar or Yellow Florspar:

  • Mental strength
  • Clears confusion
  • Elevates anxiety
  • High concentration
  • Keeps mind calm
  • Makes mind productive
  • Great focus stone
  • Helps in maintaining health and fitness
  • Helps in balance and coordination
  • Emotional well-being
  • Heals emotionally
  • Self-independent
  • Reduces jealousy
  • Elevates insecurities
  • Stimulates solar plexus chakras
  • Cleanses aura
  • Stabilizes aura
  • Self-confidence
  • Decision making power
  • Gives positivity
  • Boosts immunity system

These gems are hand picked and precisely selected by astro-gemologists, free from any flaws with amazing luster, clarity, sheen, shine, play of light and pleochroism, which makes them highest quality A-Grade astro gems, precision cutting for max intake of light, color depth with pleasing shades. All these are Earth Mined Natural Gemstones directly sourced from Madagascar.