Round Ek mukhi Rudraksha Gol Dana Benefits, Super Natural Powers, Specialities, Chemical & Physical Properties

1 Mukhi Gol dana round rudraksha

#. Round Ek mukhi Rudraksha is the Most debated topic in the field of Rudrakshas. Is it a Fact or Myth? If it is a Fact, what about the Super-natural Powers?
Round Ek mukhi is present!
Ek mukhi Rudraksh are generally available in Cashew-nut (Khaju dana) shape. They will have only one line on them. They contain single compartment and single seed. Because of this single compartment the nut collapses and turns in to Cashew-nut shape. But, in some very rare occasions Rudraksha bead retains it’s Roundness, RARE but available with certain sellers who specialize in that. It is available in 4 types. Kaju Dana (very cheap and very easily available), Siddha Dana (rare, but available), Round Nepali (rarest among all, but available with certain sellers who specializes in it and is also a costly affair), Round Indonesian (rare but available with certain sellers who specializes in it).

#. Specialities of Siddha / Round Ek Mukhi?

Always Round Rudraksha or Siddha is Powerful than Oval or Flattened Rudraksha. It is clearly told by Puranas and Tantras. But, the Majestic thing in Round Ek mukhi is overcoming natural powers. Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksha makes the person equal to Lord Shiva. It transmits Abundant Power. Salvation (Mukti) is in his hands!

#. Signs on Siddha / Gol Ek Mukhi Rudraksha?
Some people tell that Gol Ek mukhi will have signs of Shivling, Serpent, Trishul and holy Aum formed by it’s groves. But, it is not true. These symbols are totally man made and people create them on cheap rudraksha, carved them and sell them expensively. One or all the symbols present on any rudraksha certifies it as FAKE. A common man has not seen many Round Ek mukhi in his life-span. So its easy to dupe innocent people showing these fake symbols carved on it. Tantras are also very specific on this topic!

#. Super-Natural Powers of Siddha / Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksha?
This is also a question of debate. But, One thing we must remember. Only Great Sadhus and Tantrics can bear it. Only they know how to utilize it. The Super-natural Powers require Sacredness. Otherwise they will lead to the down-fall of the person.

#. What to do if Siddha / Round Ek mukhi is available?
You are the Luckiest person in the world. Capture it any how. Worship it as Lord Shiva. Don’t use it for the worldly things. Be cautious. Of course! you can pray it for your healthy desires. But, that is not at all required. It fulfills all of them without asking. It keeps you high in the life. It gives success everywhere.

#. Physical and Chemical Properties of Rudraksha are a topic of interest for many people. Can we prove Rudraksha Power with these properties? Do they have any importance in Rudraksha therapy? 
Let us first concentrate on the Benefits.
Uses of Analyzing Rudraksha
1. If we know the Properties of a Real Rudraksh, we can easily eliminate Fake ones. This is the first use.
2. Chemical and Biological properties of Rudraksha are very much useful in Rudraksha therapy. We may not prove the Spiritual effects of Rudraksha with them. But, they tell us the logic behind Therapeutic effects of Rudraksha.
3. Ayurveda, Siddha vaidya and some Local remedy systems of India have described the usage of Rudraksha in many diseases. But, they require substantial scientific proof. That can be obtained by these properties.
4. Rudraksha are very much useful in controlling Mental illnesses. Some studies are suggesting the Magnetic Effects of Rudraksha is a reason for this.

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