Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Card Reader

saniya mittal


Saniya Mittal is a renowned Remedial Vastu Professional, Tarot Reader, Vedic Astrologer & Astro-Remedy Expert. She has an experience of 7 years in these fields. She is healing people through her Astro-Vastu & Vedic remedies. She has the excellent quality of expressing the subject with blessings of her Gurus & Teachers. Her clientele ranges from established businessmen, industrialists to common masses. She is enlightening lives with her education & knowledge. She has been awarded with “Acharya in Vastu Shastra” in 2016 & “Best Vastu Consultant & Tarot Reader” in 2017.

She owns a vast knowledge in various fields, which includes:

• Vedic Vastu Shastra
• Remedial Astrology
• Tarot Reading
• Angel Reading
• Astro-Numerology
• Palmistry
• Angel Healing
• Astro-Color Therapy
• Feng-Shui
• Pyramidology
• Crystal Healing
• Gems Healing
• Reiki

She is a certified Trainer Vastu Professional with Masters in Vedic Vastu Shastra. She prefers visiting Herself at every Vastu site & location, giving her best of the efforts in Remedial Vastu Shastra. She is also teaching Vastu Shastra at various Institutes. Her students are following her path of knowledge. She organizes Vastu workshops, healing therapy sessions & consultation sessions as well.

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