Vastu Shastra

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In Sanskrit, Vaastu means to build environment, a surrounding and Shastra means a perfect system. Hence, Vastu Shastra is an ancient method of living harmoniously with the Nature. The word Vastu came from the Vastva, which means anything that provides shelter. It is the science and study of the empathy between human mind, body and soul along in existence with our galaxy or space.

Vastu Shaastra tell the methods for building any kind of shelter that have natural & organic environment due to the combined positive effects of the five elements called Punch Mahaabhutaa. It is an art which includes and applies principles of space, element, energy, direction, shape, size, position, the environment around etc. Vastu Shastra incorporates the techniques to choose right directions, placements and positioning of various aspects related to a dwelling. Knowledge of vastu has been incorporated from all the Vedas and Puranaas, also called the sacred text books of Hindus and is believed to be around thousands of years old. That is why it is called Vedic Vastu.

If any dwelling, shelter, home, commercial establishment or an industrial premise, is built on the guidelines of Vaastu Shastra, then it will certainly bless the owner with all the health, wealth, peace, prosperity and happiness of the eternal as well as this materialistic world. Our ancient Indian books like MAAYAMATAM, RAAJA VALLABH SAARINI, VISHWAKARMAA PRAKAASH, SAMARANGAN SUTRAA, BHOJ SAMNHITA etc. gives a deep insight of the living and their understanding of the natureRead More

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